New Gameshrine Oceanic Rule Set

So, as some of you know, we had a gathering today, featuring the GameShrine admins and a representative (captain or captain nominated) from each team on the ladder. We discussed the rules as they stand as well as new concepts posted by the community.

Firstly, these rules are all subject to a 2 week probation. To assist in this probationary period, the admin team would like all server owners to apply these rules to their servers ASAP. As an addendum, it is advised that lots of scrims are played in this 2 week period to give us the maximum amount of data on the validity of these rules. If we don't know things are bad because they aren't tested, we can't make a final call. We need your help on this, so don't be slack!

Secondly, there are a few rules that will have to be user enforced. The easiest way to do this is by taking a screenshot of the violation and reporting it to a GameShrine admin (these are myself, Iriticus and Dose).

Thirdly, in the event that two teams come to a gentlemens agreement on any specific topic (example: GS picks Temple as map 3 - neither team wants to play Temple, and agree on Katabatic) the admin team is not allowed to enforce the change without evidence of the agreement. The easiest method to make this happen is to make a post on the game page itself (open the challenge, scroll to bottom, Join Discussion). A post from either captain BEFORE the game stating that the teams agreed on playing a different map/banning Gast/whatever you agree on is fine. Naturally, this agreement will be validated before a final call is made, but evidence is key here.

Oh, and congratulations Dose on inheriting the soul crushing thankless job that is being an admin!

Physics: Freedom
Vehicles: Costs lowered to Shrike 36000, Beowulf to 15000, Grav to 2000
Perks: Safety Third is banned on Juggernaut ONLY (this will have to be player policed, as class-level perk bans are not available as of writing)

Class Limits:

  • Pathfinder: No Limit
  • Sentinel: Limit 1 per team (Server setting: 3)
  • Infiltrator: Limit 1 per team (Server setting: 3)
  • Soldier: Limit 2 per team (Server setting: 5)
  • Technician: Limit 1 per team (Server setting: 3)
  • Raider: Limit 2 per team (Server setting: 5)
  • Juggernaut: Limit 2 per team (Server setting: 5)
  • Brute: Limit 2 per team (Server setting: 5)
  • Doombringer: Limit 2 per team (Server setting: 5)
  • Note - server settings are calculated as such: Team Limit * 2 + 1 - reason: the server class limit setting is the limit for the whole server, not per team. The allows those classes to change loadouts at an inventory station without changing classes first. Example: each team has a SEN. Neither SEN can change loadouts because the server limit is 2, so you are unable to select a different loadout as the game does not consider the fact you're a SEN already.

New Banlist: Shocklance, all classes (energy bug), TCN Repair Kits and Smoke Grenades
(Yes this means everything else is unbanned)

Maps: Every map is in the map pool.

Map Specific Tactics: DMB forcefields are banned on Dangerous Crossing.

Other Server Settings: Flag Drag for Medium Classes (speed cap 250kmh, deceleration 20 km/h)

These rules are not on the GameShrine rules page as of writing because it's gonna take a while to reformat that god damn page and frankly I'm too lazy to do it immediately, but it will happen soon.

Give feedback here:

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