Game Music Bundle 7: Journey, Broken Age, Luftrausers

Game Music Bundle 7: Journey, Broken Age, Luftrausers
Who needs AC/DC and Aerosmith for their gym workouts when you could listen to smooth grooves of video game soundtracks? The Game Music Bundle 7 from Loudr offers 17 albums of audio delights, including tunes from Austin Wintory (Journey, The Banner Saga), Peter McConnell (Broken Age, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft), and Disasterpeace (The Floor...


NATL 2014 Quick Reference

These notes are provided for quick reference.  Preference will be given to the official rules document.

Game Scheduling

  • All games will be given a default date

  • Teams are allowed to reschedule matches as long they complete them by the deadlines

  • Admins will only enforce a rescheduled date if both teams have agreed in match comms

Season Deadlines

  • Games can

  • ...


Denial vs Tao Grand Finals Match Preview

Its finally here. After what feels like an eternity the NATL Proleague finals are finally upon us. HiRez is still giving us a beefy $2500 prize pool to work with. With the two best teams in NATL battling it out.The map pool will be

Dangerous Crossing


Bella Omega


Denial coming from the upper bracket, beating Tao 2-1, will start this...


Unofficial Tribes: Ascend Modder Tools Released - IGN


Unofficial Tribes: Ascend Modder Tools Released
An unofficial software development kit has been released this week for Tribes: Ascend, raising questions of how developer Hi-Rez Studios will respond to the community's attempts to sustain the game. The SDK, which was posted on Reddit earlier this week ...
Tribes: Ascend unofficial SDK released,


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NATribes Site Shutting Down

Hello remaining tribal warriors,

The hosting for NATribes has come up for renewal and I have cancelled the hosting. It was a fun almost year and a half but with the website no longer being used I would rather not pay for it. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, I won't list them all but I would like to mention APC and besneeze as

Comportment in T:A

Hello Tribes community,

After replacing my PC with a laptop I just wanted to say that it was very nice to play with all of you guys. I am fulled of thanks about all the nice comportment you have brought into this game.

When I started playing this game I feared there might be some frEaks that would make me completely mad. You know, that kind of

Which map would you live on?

Assuming you have the means to build a house on it and transport there at will, which would you choose?

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